“Before we are even born, our circumstances our health, wellness, access to education and life expectancy is already pre-determined” Rory Callaghan

When you were born did you get to choose which country, environment or culture you were placed in? Was there a destiny, a reincarnation, a higher power or perhaps a concious decision made by your parents?

If you are born in a developed country, or a less developed country, there are factors outside our direct control that will impact our health, happiness and connection. If our health and wellness was purely due to “health measures – GP visits, absence of disease”, then the lwe would see a massive gap between the developed and less developed world. However, like those who have travelled and expanded their map of reality, I have seen more connected and happy individuals in the less developed world than I have in some of the bigger cities globally. Perhaps there is more opportunity in the developed world, but something the developed world can learn from those with less. Especially around culture, connection and happiness.

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